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European Dog Show 2014


 EUOPEAN WINNER 2014 Ashbury Highlander

Ashbury Highlander CHAMPION D'EUROPE 2014




( Multi CH. Majik Thruth or Dare & Ashbury Deep Temptation)


Congratulation and many thank's to Tatiana Sokolova (RU) for this fantastic result




World Dog Show Danemark 2010 ( 350 golden )

CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE au Danemark 2010 ( 350 goldens inscrits )

 WORLD WINNER 2010 Ashbury Conan Doyle

Ashbury Conan Doyle, CHAMPION DU MONDE 2010


BOB, CACIB, CAC, 1st Exc - Open class Dog / Mâle classe Ouverte

Ashbury Conan Doyle ( CH. Ashbury Angel Heart & Ashbury Together For Ever)


This third World Winner title for the Ashbury's is the most emotional, after "Paudell Pure passion" in 2001 (as owner)

and "Ashbury Velvet Kiss" in 2006 (as breeder) this time "Willow" offer us the full title





2nd Exc - Champion class dog / Mâle classe Champion (out of a class of 28 champions)

CH. Ashbury Angel Heart ( CH. Taram du Bois de La Rayère & Ashbury Summer Sun )





World Dog Show Poznan 2006 ( 385 golden )

CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE à POZNAN 2006 ( 385 goldens inscrits )


   WORLD WINNER 2006 Ashbury Velvet Kiss

Ashbury Velvet Kiss, CHAMPIONNE DU MONDE 2006


BOS, CACIB, CAC, 1st Exc - Open class bitch (63 bitch entered) / Femelle classe ouverte ( 63 femelles inscrites )

Ashbury Velvet Kiss ( CH. Taram du Bois de La Rayère & Ashbury Together For Ever)


Thank's to Sigita for the picture


Intermediate Class Winner "Ashbury Angel Heart"


CAC, 1st Exc - Intermediary class dog (28 dogs entered) / Mâle classe Intermédiaire

Ashbury Angel Heart ( CH. Taram du Bois de La Rayère & Ashbury Summer Sun )


Eliott win the intermediate class Dog (28 dogs entered) and is placed by the 4 best males of the day at 19th month old.

Eliott gagne la classe Intermédiaire ( 28 inscrits ) et se classe parmi les 4 meilleurs mâles de la journée , à l'âge de 19 mois



Copyright ADSUM: Eliott by the 4 best males: Ashbury Angel Heart, CH. Moondust Masterpiece , CH. Dewmist Silk Screen , CH. Dewmist Silk Venture





2nd  Exc - Intermediate class bitch (35 bitch entered) / Femelle classe intermédiaire


Ashbury Art of Love  ( CH. Taram du Bois de La Rayère & Ashbury Summer Sun )


Exc - Open class dog (38 dogs entered / placed by the 8 best dogs) / Mâle classe ouverte

Daily Rays Catch The Wind ( CH. Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides )


"FINN" with Helena & Juhani Varjamo, Kennel "Daily Rays"


"Finn" dans les bras de ses éleveurs Finlandais Helena & Juhani Varjamo "Daily Rays"



World Dog Show Porto 2001


 WORLD WINNER 2001 Paudell Pure Passion

Paudell Pure Passion, CHAMPION DU MONDE 2001


(Multi CH. Paudell Pure Passion was also EUROPEAN CHAMPION 1999 - 2002 )


Remark: We are using no computer sofware to touch the pictures

Remarques: Aucune de nos photos n'a été retouchée




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